The Matcha Party

The Matcha Party

I am a little late to the Matcha Party. But better late than never.

I joined the Matcha Party when I started working in the teabar at a meditation and yoga studio in Houston, Define Living. There we made herbal teas, Superfood Lattes, and Mushroom Coffee (another post for another day). I noticed a few of the gals there drink Matcha everyday so I started looking into it.

And what I found was that….

MATCHA IS AMAZING. It’s SO much better (taste-wise, health-wise, everything-wise) than drinking coffee everyday. Is it more expensive? Yes. Yes it is. But is it worth every penny? I think it is. From what I’ve experienced, Matcha still gives you that kick that the caffeine from coffee gives you, but it’s not as harsh on your body. It lasts a little longer and it doesn’t give you that awful jittery feeling that too much espresso gives you. You can drink it guilt-free knowing that you’re giving your body loads of anti-oxidants (the most anti-cancer tea of all the teas), you’re energizing yourself in a way that simultaneously gives you a calm (I know, sounds impossible! with matcha all things are possible..), you’re detoxifying your body (it’s high in chlorophyll, hence the lush green color), you’re helping your metabolism out, all while drinking a deliciously warm beverage. Definitely worth it.

What you need to make a simple Matcha Latte

Matcha Powder (ceremonial)
A traditional matcha whisk and bowl
Small pot/stove top to heat milk
Almond milk
Honey (optional)

I have learned that it is really important to whisk your matcha in a little bit of water before filling your mug up with your hot water or steamed milk. Pour a little bit of room temperature water into your mug with matcha and whisk it around in a zip zag pattern. The room temperature water opens up the flavor of the matcha a bit more than hot water would. After you’re done whisking (you’ll know you’re done when you don’t see anymore clumps), fill your mug up with either your hot water or steamed milk. If you’re using steamed milk, give it another whisk to disperse the matcha just a bit more. My favorite milk to use is almond milk, but you can use what ever kind you want. If you love the taste of straight, earthy, unsweetened Matcha, go for the Matcha Americano.


Cheers to long life, a detoxed body, and an energized, productive day. 

Until next time,


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