How to have Plant-Based Thanksgiving

How to have Plant-Based Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are in every coffee shop. The weather is crisp and cool. And, if you don’t live in Houston, the leaves are most likely falling. And the holiday season is upon us.

For some people, this can be exciting. But for others, it can be a little bit stressful to try to stay on track with their usual habits, whether that be eating plant-based, exercising, budgeting, etc. I like to do my fair share of mentally preparing for this time of year so it stays a positive experience for me, and that includes looking up ways to have a delicious, nutritious, on-point Thanksgiving feast that myself and my loved ones can enjoy.

I always imagine the things that would make me enjoy my Thanksgiving meal while still feeding my body the things that would nourish it, not harm it. Focus on whole foods, plant-based, and incorporate warming, cozy spices.

For sides, I like incorporating roast veggies. Carrots. Sweet potatoes.  I love sprinkling cinnamon along with salt and oil on my sweet potatoes before I roast them.

Think of a good protein option will keep you full and happy. If you have your plant-based staples (insert link) on hand, this makes your plant-based cooking that much easier.

For dessert, I usually refer to my favorite vegan or plant-based bakers. This is, admittedly, not my specialty, so I often refer to The Minimalist Baker  or even stock up on baked goods at my workplace-Define Foods. I love having Turmeric Lattes and spicy, sweet teas with my desserts as it fill my tummy with calming ingredients to let that food digest properly.

And most of all, give yourself grace today. Allow yourself to indulge a little bit more than usual and don’t you feel bad about it. These days come around but once a year. So go ahead and eat that second serving of sweet potatoes! 😉 I know I will be!


Happiest holiday season to you and yours,


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