More of Things I love, Less of Things I Don’t

More of Things I love, Less of Things I Don’t

More of Things I love, Less of Things I don’t

That is my resolution for 2019.

I was thinking about what I could accomplish this year. I was thinking I could become a really fit gal. I could save x amount of $$$’s. I could go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, drink more water and less caffeinated beverages. And to be honest, I will probably do all of those things. But what I really want to get out of this year, to focus on this year, is to use my energy towards what I love, and less on what I don’t.

I remember the year 2016 was a really tough one for me in some ways. And I can tie it back to focusing my energy on things that I didn’t love. A job I didn’t love. People I didn’t love, or didn’t love me back. And I also remember that year, feeling very sick. And what I learned from that experience is how actually vital it is to love the things your doing. Love the people around you. I spent a lot of time wishing for things back and my physical body felt the repercussion of the energy I wrongly invested into those things.

The Integrative Institute of Nutrition uses the theory of Primary Nutrition and Secondary Nutrition to differentiate and accredit how both food and lifestyle choices can affect your overall health. Primary food is what you consume (food, beverage, supplements, medicine, etc.) and secondary food is everything else in your life that feeds you (careers, relationship, finances, hobbies, family, spirituality, etc.). And the more balanced each of these areas are, the closer you will feel to being your healthiest, most fulfilled self.

And this year I intend to do just that. More sights I haven’t seen. Less sights I have. More morning hopes. Less morning fears. More loving thoughts. Less spiteful ones. More honesty. Less uncertainty. More self-love. More happiness. More days spent with my loved ones. More of things I love. Less of things I don’t.

Happy New Year’s lovely friends,


photos taken by Danny Lovve at El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas.

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