I’m Not a Vegan Anymore

I’m Not a Vegan Anymore

…but I am still plant-based.

So I am bidding farewell of the title of vegan. And saying hello to new ventures in my diet. I’ve been trying to figure out just exactly how I want to approach this, but I think I’m figuring it out.

Earlier in 2018 I took a blood test to see what I was allergic to food-wise. I was anticipating some sort of allergy to meat, dairy, eggs, etc. When I got my results back about a month ago I found out I was allergic to NONE of these things. I had been experimenting with introducing fish and bone broth into my diet so I can’t say I was entirely surprised at some of my results considering the success I had with these two things thus far. 

Taking this test was something I really needed because I also found out that I was severely protein deficient. I got my levels checked consecutively after finding this out and my protein levels were STILL severely low, no matter how much plant-based protein I incorporated. I was struggling with energy levels and things like cuts and wounds healing at a ridiculously slow rate so finding this out made a lot of sense.

After making this gradual change of incorporating fish and bone broth, I’ve only seen improvements so far. My energy levels were a lot better. My skin conditions are improving. All good things! I do have to say I have to make a pretty conscious effort to eat these things, because I’m in the habit of gravitating towards the salad section of the menu at restaurants. One step at a time!

I will say that I will be maintaining a 90-95%-ish based plant-based diet. I had a colonoscopy at the end of December to see how my intestines were doing. From top to bottom, my entire digestive tract looked, according to my doc, fantastic! I know that I can accredit a lot of this to my anti-inflammatory food choices, and so I intend to maintain those things, but will definitely be incorporating more protein by means of fish, more nutrients, more omega-3’s, more soothing gut-properties from bone broth, etc.

I am excited about this “journey” for lack of better words. I have the best support system with this (shout out to my fam and my guy and my galpals) and can’t wait for my health to continually improve in this new year!

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photos taken by Danny Lovve

6 thoughts on “I’m Not a Vegan Anymore”

  • Great news about your scope!! Very inspiring words.
    Can you share what a “day in the life of” menu might look like for you?

    To health!

    • Thanks girl! That’s a great idea, I will definitely post that!

      To health indeed! <3 Hope yours is treating you well!

  • This is of fabulous encouragement to SO MANY! What great news to share of your discoveries in your Hope-filled journey to wellness!

  • Hailey, I really enjoyed reading your “revelatory blog” today. Very informative, interesting and inspiring!
    After reading your blog, I want to invite you out to dinner – to your favorite upscale “hamburger place” this week… My treat! 🙂

  • I was vegan for a while and had trouble eating out while traveling – so I became vegetarian. My protein levels were always really high and I didn’t ever try to get “enough” protein. I’m not sure why that was! But I am now pescatarian. Like you, I eat mainly plant-based and have fish or shellfish a few times a week. I focus on fish that have very low mercury / metal levels. Being pescatarian definitely opened up a lot of meal options for me. For example, I had a business trip in New Orleans last month – a city that I had previously visited when vegan and a city where dairy is impossible to avoid – and nearly starved on that trip! This time, I was able to eat seafood based creole dishes! I think fish and dairy in moderation can be a good thing for us. But you won’t find me scarfing a burger or chicken wings anytime soon. 🙂

  • Good for you Hailey!
    It is so exciting and equally encouraging that you have found a protocol that works for you. Whatever your journey looks like, it is my sincere hope that it will be one of healing and peace. All the best going forward doll!

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