Month: April 2019

My Plant-Based Experience in Japan

My Plant-Based Experience in Japan

Japan is an absolute wonderland. It’s beautiful. It’s clean. It’s well-preserved and forward moving, It’s everything I never knew I wanted to see in a country. And it is also everything I never knew I wanted to taste. I, of course, had my set of […]

It’s Been 365 Days Since I’ve Been Hospitalized

It’s Been 365 Days Since I’ve Been Hospitalized

…and for me, this is huge. For the last 5 years, I’ve been hospitalized 2-3 times per year for one auto-immune reason or another. Sometimes for a week at a time. Sometimes for 2 months at a time. And to go an entire year staying […]

To eat Bee Pollen, or not eat to Bee Pollen…

To eat Bee Pollen, or not eat to Bee Pollen…

…that is the question.

I recently got a little bag of Bee Pollen fresh from Unicorn Island (yes…Unicorn Island!!!!!) in Southeast Asia. I’ve seen it used at juicebars and even put it on top of my smoothie bowl a couple of times without really knowing what it does for me. I decided to do some investigating to see just how this lil superfood is meant to affect me, and if I should really consume it on the reg or not.

My findings were pretty interesting.

I found out that…

Bee pollen is actually a complete protein.

I have a hard time finding non-meat forms of complete protein so I loved finding this out! Complete proteins, in short, offer you all the necessary amino acids, and incomplete proteins don’t. Woohoo!

Bee pollen can strengthen your immune system.

As a generally immune-suppressed individual, this is certainly a convincing finding.

Bee pollen is extremely nutritionally dense.

These little guys certainly pack a punch, boasting a whopping 250 active ingredients per serving. That’s a LOT. It has your standard proteins, fats, carbs, but it also has enzymes, nutrients, minerals, etc. that are hard to get otherwise.


Moooove over turmeric, there’s a new natural anti-inflammatory in town. Apparently, Bee Pollen can work as strongly as a naproxen/ibuprofen does in your body to fight off inflammation. Say more no fam. I’m taking Bee Pollen every day.

Bee Pollen can cause allergic reactions.

For me personally, I can’t foresee this being an issue, but if you are any type of allergic to pollen, Bee Pollen is probably not for you! Sorryyyy. You win some, you lose some.

There are a lot of benefits to this little superfood, and the bottom line is that I am prettyyyyyyyy sure that I will be putting this on my smoothie bowl as often as I can. And you should too (if you’re not allergic of course).

Okay that’s all I have for now.

Peace, love, and bee pollen,