6 Ways to Maximize Your Morning Brew

6 Ways to Maximize Your Morning Brew


I don’t know if it’s my denial speaking…but I don’t mind drinking a good, warm, dark roasted cup of coffee. I mostly drink my coffee in the morning, but I do enjoy a warm beverage after lunch or after my dinner to wind down. The warmth is soothing to me and forces me to slow down.

I love taking advantage of any chance I get to add any kind of nutrients to what I’m consuming so I not only enjoy the taste, but so that my body is gaining quality nutrients. After my nutritionist suggested I add a collagen protein powder to my coffee, it got me thinking of what else I could do to maximize these warm beverages.

Here are a few things I like to do….

  • Add a Collagen Protein
    Unless you are strictly vegan, this is a fantastic way to get more protein in your diet. I have needed specifically protein for my body to heal faster, so I try to add it at least every other day to my warm coffee.
  • Switch to matcha
    But like, a reaaaaaally good quality, smooth matcha. I wrote a little about matcha here!
  • Try a soothing tea
    Chamomile is touted often as the bedtime tea. I love drinking something anti-inflammatory and soothing like a Ginger Turmeric tea. If you’ve had a filling meal and are going to bed on a full stomach, peppermint tea is always calming choice.
  • Add CBD Oil
    I could go on and on about CBD and it’s positive affects on your body. But I’ll save that post for another day and, for right now, say that it is a fantastic way to bring yourself down after a stressful day.
  • Utilize mushrooms
    Find a good quality of powdered mushrooms (yup, mushrooms) and add it to your morning brew. Blend some Reishi with your morning brew and little fresh almond milk to bring your body’s stress levels to homeostasis. Try some Cordyceps for immunity. Turkey Tail because Turkey Tail makes you invicible. (I know I know this all sounds strange, but I’ll also elaborate more on this on another post!). I like Moon Powder’s mushrooms and Sun Potion’s mushrooms.
  • Calm down with a Charcoal Latte
    Have I lost you on this one? This was a popular trend in 2017, but, damn, charcoal is a cleeeeaaanssseerrrr. You could technically drink this during the day, but I would recommend you being at home for this one. Depending on how sensitive your system is, this could clean you out pretty fast. If you are on medication, this drink probably isn’t for you, as it tends to cleanse even medication out of your system.

If you don’t know how to get started on making these beverages, look for places in your city that have quality ingredients and have a focus on health. If you’re in Houston check out Define Foods Teabar. We (yup I work there) have fantastic Matcha, Charcoal and Rose lattes. All can be “enhanced” with mushrooms, adaptogens, and collagen protein.

Thankyou stopping by, and, before you leave, comment below and let me know what morning beverage you’re gonna experiment with maximizing <3



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