It’s Been 365 Days Since I’ve Been Hospitalized

It’s Been 365 Days Since I’ve Been Hospitalized

…and for me, this is huge.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been hospitalized 2-3 times per year for one auto-immune reason or another. Sometimes for a week at a time. Sometimes for 2 months at a time. And to go an entire year staying on a steady trajectory toward health, without any major blips in the radar, is no small thing for me. I feel the best I’ve physically ever felt in my entire life.
Which has made me ask myself the question, what exactly has gotten me to this point?

My realized answer may come as a surprise. I’ve realized the answer is actually not 100% nutrition. The past 5 years, although aspects of my body were feeling great (i.e. digestion was smooth for a period of time, joints were not inflamed, etc.), I was not entirely at my best. Sure, being whole foods, plant-based has absolutely given me health in part, but I’m beginning to realize that bringing my life into balance is what has really, truly made me feel my absolute best.

During my health coach training last year, we used a tool that really helped me visualize and keep track of how I was prioritizing things in my life. I learned that nutrition is not just the food we feed ourselves, but also the things we feed ourselves. It’s physical activity. It’s your career. It’s your spirituality. It’s your relationships. Nutrition so much more than celery juice (although I do love a good glass of cold-pressed celery juice).

This tool is that I used is called The Circle of Life. When I first used it, holy moly, I was all over the place. I decided to make it a priority to look at it once a month, at minimum, to see how I had progressed in these areas. After looking at it just last week, I’ve realized that my life is so much more balanced than it ever has been. And I am convinced that that is what has helped me reached my best self.

So cheers to balance, no hospitals, and being your best self.

Until next time,

The Circle of Life Tool

You can print this out and along each section, mark where you think you are, the inner point being at it’s minumum, the outerpoint being at it’s maximum, and connect all of the dots. I promise you it will help your life and visualize how to bring your life into greater balance and feed yourself the right things.

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